From a very young age he began his passion for cooking, at his family's inn in Puebla Mexico, his father chef and his mother a gastronomy lover. He professionalized in: culinary arts with CHEF degree for 4 years ICUM mexico, french cuisine by LHSA france, master's degree in Fine Bakery Mexico. He has worked for Walt Disney Orlando, chef of specialties in different resorts Cancun Mexico, gastronomic researcher for the University of Hidalgo Mexico, gastronomic advisor, world speaker and entrepreneur. He currently runs his own company Molecular Cuisine Supplies mexico-colombia, chef professional member of the mexican culinary team with 2 bronze medals in world competitions. Passionate about the evolutionary cuisine of the search for unique flavors and sensory experiences, its cuisine is based on the ingredient from the beginning with a current and daring touch. His youtube channel is "Chef Cepeda" Instagram @chefcepeda Fb: Miguel Angel Cepeda. 

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